You mean the Gospel is Jewish?

There is a definite shift taking place within the body of believers in Yeshua these days. More and more congregations and individuals are beginning to see the importance of understanding the bible in its original context. One of the reasons Rosh Pinah was originally founded is to teach the Jewish foundations of true biblical faith to churches and other settings. We continue to do this both locally and abroad as opportunities present themselves.


At Rosh Pinah we are very passionate about sharing the Good News of Yeshua with others in it’s original Jewish context. We would love to send a speaker to come and speak at your congregation some time. There are a variety of themes we can speak about. From understanding the Bible in it’s ancient Hebrew context, to an in depth look at what God is doing in Israel today.


Our outreach wing is called Tallit after the Jewish prayer mantle with special fringes known as tzitzit. For more on the meaning of the Tallit please visit our “text” messages section. Since our foundations Rosh Pinah has sent workers to places like Israel, Colombia and Mexico to teach the Word of God and to share the Good News.

Trips to Israel

As part of our mandate we host tours to Israel in which we explore not only the ancient archaeological sites of the Bible, but experience firsthand the prophetic fulfillment of scripture in the Land today!

For more information on our trips to Israel, which are typically headed by our leadership team, please email or visit us.

Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, because he has come to his people and redeemed them.



Andrew Zeidman is one of the founders and has been the leader of Rosh Pinah Fellowship for the last two and half years. His grandparents Morris and Annie Zeidman, pioneers in the Messianic Jewish movement, founded the Scott Mission where Andrew has served in ministry for over 25 years and is currently chaplain. Andrew received a Masters of Theology Degree from Tyndale University and has a passion to teach the scriptures in their original context. He also loves to praise the Lord through music and song and is often leads worship at Friday night meetings.

Growing up in a family with strong roots in the Hebrew Christian movement, Andrew became a believer in Yeshua at an early age. While attending Tyndale Seminary he felt a strong leading of God back to his Jewish roots. During this time he became a regular member and a worship leader at City of David Messianic Synagogue, where he was discipled and mentored by Rabbi Jeff Forman for over seven years.