Friday Night Live!

Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity!” – (Psalm 133)

At Rosh Pinah we desire to blend some of the ancient traditions and blessings of Israel with a contemporary and welcoming style of fellowship. Our worship includes some traditional Jewish liturgy as well as a mixture of Messianic Jewish and contemporary praise songs. We also believe that everyone has something important to contribute to our studies of the scriptures, and so our teachings on Friday nights are often very interactive as opposed to a more traditional “sermon.” We like the Hebrew concept of d’rash (דרש) which actually means to seek out the meaning of the text.

Community Worship

To create a loving and vibrant community in which Jewish and non-Jewish alike may explore their spirituality or express their worship of the God of Israel.


Children’s Ministry

At Rosh Pinah we provide a safe and fun place where children can come and learn all of the wonderful stories of the Bible in their original context.


God’s Calendar

It is fascinating to discover that the creation and placement of the sun, moon and stars, is very much connected to God’s calendar of appointed times.


Bible Study

The first five books of the Bible known collectively as the Torah are truly the foundation of the rest of the writings of the Bible. Come and join us.