Yeshua loves me this I know, for the Torah tells me so!

When Yeshua was asked what the greatest of all of the commandments in the Torah was He replied by quoting the Shema of Deuteronomy 6, which says, “Hear O Israel Adonai Your God, Adonai is One.” In this ancient declaration of faith of Israel God goes on to tell the Israelites to teach the Torah (literally the instructions) to their children. At Rosh Pinah we provide a safe and fun place where children can come and learn all of the wonderful stories of the Bible in their original context. By the way, do you know of any other Messianic fellowship that has a bowling alley?

Aaron Zaretsky

Children's Ministry Leader

Rev Aaron Zaretsky has been a believer in Y'shua since 1976 and has been doing children's ministry for 35 years. He has taught children in churches and messianic congregations. Aaron was a deacon in a messianic congregation and a Children's Pastor in churches. Aaron loves to see the Holy Spirit work in children's lives. When the Bible comes alive in their hearts, that is the most rewarding. He teaches with innovative methods, using object lessons, creative story telling, games and art and practical applications in a fun way. He wants to continue seeing children grow in the Lord and become strong leaders in the community by making Y'shua first. Aaron has a clown ministry through Artists in Christian Testimony, Canada and leads children to Y'shua through this medium as well. Aaron is married, father of three children and grandfather of 4.

Community Worship

To create a loving and vibrant community in which Jewish and non-Jewish alike may explore their spirituality or express their worship of the God of Israel.

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God’s Calendar

It is fascinating to discover that the creation and placement of the sun, moon and stars, is very much connected to God’s calendar of appointed times.

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Bible Study

The first five books of the Bible known collectively as the Torah are truly the foundation of the rest of the writings of the Bible. Come and join us.

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